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Product evaluation

Are you a brand, a distributor or a producer and you wish to communicate the environmental impact of your products?

Beelong evaluates your assortment for you, provides you with communication elements and allows you to highlight your transparency and good practices to meet the new needs of catering, consumers and authorities.

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  • Strengthen your sales arguments by giving proof of transparency
  • Improve brand image, by displaying environmental quality
  • Highlight the information available through a recognised, popular brand
  • Respond to the new demands of caterers and consumers
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Purchase diagnosis

For restaurants – both institutional and commercial caterers – Beelong evaluates your food purchasing policy and provides you with a detailed status report. Each of your orders is thus analysed to offer you a global view of your environmental performance, with numerous quantitative and qualitative indicators.

At the end of this process, the good practices noted can be highlighted via communication elements and concrete tailored solutions will be proposed to improve your environmental performance.

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  • Communicate your good environmental practices
  • Obtain a concrete assessment set out in easily understandable status reports
  • Identify concrete avenues for improvement
  • Obtain tailored solutions
  • Make known your commitment to sustainable food products (certificate)
  • Delegate the search for information on the products
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Food guides

Beelong proposes unique support material comprising three guides providing professionals with information on produce seasonality, labels and seafood (endangered species).

This practical tool is intended for chefs and professional buyers to assist them in their everyday purchases and in preparing menus. Already used at the Lausanne hotel management school, this material is perfectly suitable for the “new guard”, professional training and awareness raising purposes.

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The Beelong team places its knowledge of catering, the food market and environmental impact at the service of entities or committees to help them achieve their objectives, by sharing notably its experience acquired very much on the ground.

For instance, Beelong assists the Durable Development Unit of the canton of Vaud in preparing templates for invitations to tender, and even concerning Agridea sawfies in various projects in French and German-speaking Switzerland.


  • Project support
  • Market analyses
  • Environmental and statistical data for the branch
  • Development of tailored solutions


  • On-site supports (restaurants)
  • Business charters
  • Web publications


  • Chefs and professional buyers
  • Vocational training schools and applied training at university-level establishments
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Web application

Specifically designed for foodstuffs, this web application allows easy collection of environmental and general information on products in order to identify, measure and monitor objectives and statistics.

This unique application also allows data of several production sites to be managed,  access to a database of more than 40 000 food products, and various indicators to be viewed using a dynamic dashboard.

Beelong places this application at the service of caterers, businesses, communes and cantons wishing to measure and monitor their environmental performance.

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  • Specially designed data collection interface for foodstuffs
  • Access to a database of more than 40 000 products
  • Dynamic dashboards and graphic display
  • Limited number of identifiers and personalised access
  • Simplified multi-site management