Beelong Calculator

The online application simply calculates the environmental impact and nutritional balance of your meals and menus, in partnership with Fourchette verte Suisse.

Fourchette Verte

A unique database of thousands of articles

Create your recipes and menus in a few clicks

Measure your impact on the environment

Manage the nutritional balance of your menus

Calculate margins and control costs

Display menu results for consumers


  • Already more than 100'000 real products available in Switzerland
  • Many environmental indicators available for each item
  • Intuitive filters to easily search for ingredients that match your criteria

Recipes and menus in just a few clicks

  • Intuitive recipe creation to manage your menus
  • Instant display of ECO-SCORE® by Beelong results and nutritional balance based on selected ingredients
  • Quick view of margin and costs

Environmental indicators

  • For each recipe and menu, there is visibility on many indicators such as : ECO-SCORE® by Beelong, CO2, provenance, animal welfare, organic production and biodiversity, endangered fish species, seasonality, palm oil, etc.
  • ECO-SCORE® by Beelong methodology available here.

Nutritional indicators

  • For each recipe and menu, access valuable nutritional indicators provided by Fourchette verte Suisse, such as the HEALTH-SCORE FV, the nutritional composition, the balanced plate, and the food pyramid.
  • Data based on the Swiss nutritional recommendations of the OSAV and the Swiss Society of Nutrition.
  • The full methodology of the Fourchette verte HEALTH-SCORE is available here.
Fourchette Verte

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So much effort deserves to be communicated! The Calculator is an opportunity to highlight the immense work that is undertaken in the kitchen every day and to share it with your customers. They already enable their customers to make informed choices:

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Calculator featuresIncluded
Access to the database containing over 100'000 articles
Creation and management of recipes and menus
Environmental indicators calculation
Nutritional indicators calculation
Margin and cost calculation
Integrated sharing of results and visual communication