Beelong Calculator

The online application simply calculates the environmental impact and nutritional balance of your meals and menus, in partnership with Fourchette verte Suisse.

Fourchette Verte

A unique database of thousands of articles

Create your recipes and menus in a few clicks


Measure your impact on the environment

Manage the nutritional balance of your menus

Calculate margins and control costs

Display menu results for consumers


  • Déjà plus de 100’000 produits réels disponibles en Suisse
  • Many environmental indicators available for each item
  • Intuitive filters to easily search for ingredients that match your criteria

Recipes and menus in just a few clicks

  • Intuitive recipe creation to manage your menus
  • Instant display of the eco-score and nutritional balance, depending on the selected ingredients
  • Quick view of margin and costs

Environmental indicators

  • For each recipe and menu, there is visibility on many indicators such as : the eco-score, CO2, provenance, animal welfare, organic production and biodiversity, endangered fish species, seasonality, palm oil, etc.
  • The Beelong eco-score methodology is available here.

Nutritional indicators

  • Pour chaque recette et menu accédez à de précieux indicateurs nutritionnels proposés par Fourchette verte Suisse, tels que : health-score FV, composition nutritionnelle, assiette équilibrée, pyramide alimentaire.
  • Data based on the Swiss nutritional recommendations of the OSAV and the Swiss Society of Nutrition.
  • La méthodologie complète du health-score Fourchette Verte est disponible here.
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Accès à la base de données de +100’000 articles
Creation and management of recipes and menus
Environmental indicators calculation
Nutritional indicators calculation
Margin and cost calculation
Integrated sharing of results and visual communication