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Obtain the exact eco-scores of your products and display your environmental transparency. Promote your best practices, gain visibility, and meet the new demands of consumers and restaurateurs.

Processing and organization of environmental data available on your products

Calculation of the eco-score for each of your items

Provision of visuals for effective communication online and/or on your packaging

Provision of a detailed fact sheet for each product

A team remains at your disposal to answer your questions and those of your customers

Global dissemination of your eco-scores


Discover the brands that display eco-scores

And find their products with the mention "certified" in the calculator!

Elsa Mifroma
Laudato si
Culture Food
Swiss Gastro Solutions
Moulin de Severy
Paleta Loca
Parc Jura Vaudois
Swiss Alpine Herbs

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Terms and prices

The prices are constituted in the following manner:

  1. Initial evaluation of your products: CHF 18.75 / product. Payable once and for each new product. For large assortments, please contact us so that we can calculate the potential scale economy.
  2. Annual license: 0.1% of the turnover made with the evaluated products. Minimum 600.-/year CHF, maximum 15,000. - CHF/ year.

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