Beelong, the eco-score for all your food products

We measure the environmental impact of your food purchases


About the Beelong indicator

The Beelong indicator grades the environmental impact of food on a scale from A to G. It is designed to provide caterers and buyers with environmental information on food products, and give them an additional criterion for making their purchases in full knowledge of the facts.

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Our services

Product evaluations

Brands and distributors – innovate and communicate the environmental impact of your products in your catalogues, in online stores, on packaging or other communication supports.


Restaurants – measure the impact of your food purchase policy, highlight your good practices, benefit from tailored advice and communicate!


Benefit from our expertise in the catering, food or distribution market when developing your projects.

Web application

Simply collect the information on food products to measure, interpret or monitor your environmental performance and objectives.

Food guides

A useful, ergonomic tool, guides to seasonal produce, labels and endangered species, designed specifically for chefs and professional buyers.

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3 complementary areas

Brands and distributors

Beelong grades your products from A to G according to 5 groups of criteria. Distributors and brands can thus display their products’ grades online, in their catalogues, on packaging or on other communication supports to give proof of transparency and respond to the new needs of caterers, consumers and authorities.

Restaurants and buyers

Beelong analyses each food product purchased by your kitchen, offering you a global view of your buying policy, concrete and adapted solutions, and communication elements to highlight your good practices. An approach allowing you to measure and reduce your environmental footprint whilst controlling your costs.

Public authorities and businesses

With a database of more than 40 000 food products and sound experience on the ground, Beelong provides you with both quantitative and qualitative information on the Swiss food market, along with tailored advice on project implementation and monitoring.

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Products evaluated by Beelong


Meals served impacted by Beelong


Restaurants, brands and distributors committed with Beelong

Latest news!

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Obtenez l’éco-score Beelong pour vos produits alimentaires 30 August 2019

Obtenez l’éco-score Beelong pour vos produits alimentaires

Communiquer sur la durabilité des produits alimentaires que vous distribuez, c’est désormais possible! En affichant l’éco-score de vos produits directement en ligne.

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Beelong is hiring : Bee part of the change! 26 August 2019

Beelong is hiring : Bee part of the change!

Beelong recrute un responsable des ventes HORECA FR/DE. Join the team, have fun, make a difference, go home, repeat!

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L’Eco-score Beelong dans les rayons d’Edelweiss Market – Le Nouvelliste 7 August 2019

L’Eco-score Beelong dans les rayons d’Edelweiss Market – Le Nouvelliste

Depuis ce 25 juillet, le magasin Edelweiss Market de Bramois affiche sur ses étals le bilan écologique de ses fruits et légumes grâce à un éco-score. Une première en Valais mais aussi en Suisse. Explications.

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Tomates suisses ou tomates bio espagnoles ? 24 May 2019

Tomates suisses ou tomates bio espagnoles ?

Mieux vaut-il acheter un produit suisse conventionnel ou un produit bio étranger ? Voici les éco-notes d’une même tomate selon différents pays d’origine et labels.

Participating restaurants

Université de Lausanne, l’Unithèque (la Banane)
CVE de Montelly, Lausanne
APEMS de Prélaz, Lausanne
CVE de Grattapaille, Lausanne
Hôpitaux Universitaire de Genève, Genève
Stadtspital Triemli Zürich
Foyers de la Ville de Bulle (FR)
Réseau Santé de la Glâne (FR)
Bureau International du Travail, Genève – Eldora SA
World Economic Forum, Davos (GR) – SV Group
Comité International Olympique, Lausanne (VD) – Novae restauration SA


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