Beelong celebrates eight years of commitment to sustainable food

October 2014: the Beelong project, conceived and developed by graduates of the École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), takes off and becomes Beelong Ltd liab. Co. A legal entity that consolidates the association of Charlotte de La Baume and Mathias Faigaux as managers of the first EHL spin-off company. Eight years already, happy birthday Beelong!

All the ingredients were already in place: a highly competent and motivated duo, a Beelong indicator tested in some fifteen kitchens, and prototype software and services for restaurant owners under development. But how exactly should this tasty mixture be boiled? Charlotte would be in charge of operations, brand relations and communication; Mathias of technological development (IT), finance and administrative matters.

It all comes together

Through hard work and experience, Beelong tests, convinces, learns and grows. Were there ever any doubts? They quickly faded away behind the drive to meet major societal challenges, even if the market was not fully ready for it. Need we remind you that about a third of environmental damage is caused by food?

The young team is growing with new people at the cutting edge of environmental impact, new technologies, finance and communication. Over the last eighteen months, Beelong has experienced tremendous expansion, going from 6 to 15 employees.

ECO-SCORE® by Beelong and Beelong Calculator

In short, we know a thing or two about being a local, innovative and committed company! That’s why we understand our clients’ needs so well, isn’t it? Since 2022, Beelong Ltd liab. Co has been offering two comprehensive and complementary services for the catering industry: the Beelong calculator, to assess the environmental impact of dishes and menus in partnership with Fourchette verte Suisse, and a detailed analysis of food purchases along with an action plan for collective catering establishments. And to close the loop, we also provide a service for food brands and distributors: the Beelong eco-score, to communicate on the environmental impact of their products and promote transparency. le calculateur Beelong, pour calculer l’impact environnemental des plats et des menus, en partenariat avec Fourchette verte Suisse, et une étude détaillée des achats alimentaires accompagnée d’un plan d’action pour la restauration collective. Un service pour les marques alimentaires et les distributeurs vient boucler la boucle : ECO-SCORE® by Beelong, pour communiquer l’impact environnemental de leurs produits et faire preuve de transparence.

Today, more than 300 public and private organisations (company restaurants, school canteens, hospital restaurants, university cafeterias, etc.), some sixty food industry brands (Hero, Narimpex, Ditzler, etc.) as well as distributors (Coop, Farmy) already use our tools. In just a few years, Beelong has greatly contributed to improving transparency in the food industry and increasing sustainability in the Swiss catering sector. Thanks to these efforts, several thousand tons of endangered fish, poultry from Brazil and products containing palm oil no longer end up in our plates. Quite the opposite in fact! Swiss products are making a come back and vegetarian recipes are becoming more popular than ever.

Our greatest pride is that our clients, restaurants and partner brands, become our best ambassadors. ECO-SCORE® by Beelong et de participer avec toute la communauté Beelong à la transparence autour de l’alimentation, pour une transition vers des habitudes de consommation durable. Vivement les huit prochaines années !

The Beelong team